Selling your Lake of the Ozarks home today is much different than it was just a few years ago. Before the advent of the Internet, marketing your home was done through various printed media… newspaper ads, flyers, magazines, etc. A buyer could pick up a local newspaper and a couple of real estate magazines that a Broker had paid to advertise in and which offered properties. The ads would be displayed by Broker or Agent, rather than by price or property type. Then the buyer methodically would go through the ads, looking at properties for homes that fit his or her criteria. This was not a very effective way of searching for property, and it was a waste of time. While those types of media still have some use, recent research shows that, nowadays, more than 80% of homebuyers start their new home search on the Internet. Because Lake of the Ozarks is a tourist market, that percentage is even higher. 

When considering selling your Lake of the Ozarks home, condo, golf course home or waterfront home, your priority should be having effective Internet marketing. Therefore, when you choose a brokerage that will market and sell your home, the power and quality of their Internet presence should be at the top of your list of qualifications.

Ozark Realty has been a prominent presence at the Lake of the Ozarks since 1974. Dennis Newberry, the Broker/Owner of Ozark Realty, saw the power of Internet marketing back in the 1990’s, well ahead of the rest of the crowd. Back then, he began registering domain names and developing websites soon after the release of Netscape.   As a result, Ozark Realty has owned over 100 websites that are specific to the real estate industry. Having a name as powerful as is not by chance. Years of time and money have been invested into our Internet marketing abilities. When you choose Ozark Realty to list your property, you get all of the following sites or links:,,,,,,,, and dozens of others to market your property. Because of this forward-thinking approach and some modern search engine optimization techniques, the power of Ozark Realty’s web presence has grown exponentially and has created an important competitive advantage for properties we advertise. Using Ozark Realty’s system, your property can be marketed in Chula Vista, California, or Miami, Florida -- and any location in between -- just as easily as in St. Louis, Kansas City, or Osage Beach. Not only will your property be exposed to markets both within and outside of our geographical location, but also it will receive a prominent, highly visible display.   

Call it very forward thinking or outright genius, either way our outside the box thinking on marketing Lake of the Ozarks real estate is proven and has been in use longer than any other real estate brokerage at the Lake. Our marketing concept gives Ozark Realty an Internet Marketing advantage that no other Real Estate Brokerage at the Lake can provide. Ozark Realty has a quick search feature located on our front page, making it much more convenient to locate the home, condo or townhome of your dreams than searching through pages and pages of newspaper print or real estate magazines. Within a few quick seconds, a search query will result in properties fitting a buyer's search criteria. Part of the Ozark Realty advantage is that we concentrate our Internet marketing to specific markets and utilize our Internet prominence to convert leads into buyers and buyers into closings from those markets, beating the competition hands down. Our name represents our community and anything real estate related to Lake of the Ozarks.

Once you have decided to sell your home, your home’s introduction to buyers, investors and buyer’s agents will most likely be over the Internet. By choosing Ozark Realty, you can be assured that you will be harnessing the most powerful Internet presence at the Lake to market your property.

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