Ever heard the saying “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”? That statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to selling your home! Great Curb Appeal for your home is a necessity, whether from the street by car or the Lake by boat these tips will help you put your home to the front of the pack when listing your home for sale.

Keep in mind that, just like a pretty dress in the window of your favorite boutique, your home is speaking to a potential buyer when they make their first visit to your home. You want your home to have a big smile and communicate, "You have arrived at your new home!"

  1. Start with Cleanliness. Make sure your children are aware your home is for sale and to help mom and dad keep toys and bicycles stored away properly and not discarded in the yard. Any other unsightly items left in your yard need to be removed and properly stored or disposed of.

    If your home has a dock, make sure it is uncluttered and easy to navigate on and around as it will certainly be a focal point of a home buyer.

    If your home has vinyl siding, consider washing the exterior if needed. This gives a newly listed home a nice fresh, clean look and a leg up on your competition.

    Make sure your windows have been cleaned inside and out. If not already installed, consider adding window blinds. Blinds, even if inexpensive, add a professional touch, provide privacy, and are healthy for your home's utilities. New home buyers are more and more educated and take these things into consideration when determining what home to buy.
  1. Pest Control. Make sure your driveway, trash receptacle, porch, bay windows, decks and docks are sprayed for bugs and spiders. The Lake of the Ozarks is host to many species of bugs and spiders, and it is a must to keep your home free from them to make the home showing process much more pleasant for you, your sales agent, and your buyer.

    The last thing you want is to have a potential buyer walk through a large spider web on your dock or sidewalk entry. Make sure a simple weekly run through of those areas is completed with a broom to make for the best home showing experience possible.
  1. Landscaping. At first take a look at your yard from the street or lakeside and determine if you see shrubs, trees or bushes that are not pleasant to the eye. Perhaps they are overgrown and only in need of a fresh grooming. Attempt to keep the lines of your landscaping aesthetically pleasing to your home's exterior. If you determine you have a dead shrub, have it removed and replaced. Be sure to have fresh mulch and flowers in flowerbeds. If your landscaping cannot be kept up with, consider removing it altogether. If it appears dead or in disrepair, such as fountains or Malibu lights, it will cause negative thoughts to your buyer, which may result in lower offers than your home's listed price.

    If your budget allows and landscape lighting can be added, nothing sets a home's exterior off any better than well placed lighting. Often a new home buyer will want to come by your home during different times of day to determine exactly where the sun sets and to see what your home looks like during those times. Be aware of this and always have your home lighting on for a few hours after dark to help showcase it.
  1. Front Door Décor. Your front door is the gateway into your home and should be showcased with style and updated every few years to keep up with trends. If it has been a few years since the front door to your home has been painted or updated with accents, now is the time! Your front door takes a lot of abuse from traffic. Keep fingerprints and smudges from your pooch wiped away and, if necessary, give it a fresh coat of paint. White works on any door, but if you have the ability think outside the box don't be afraid to add color and contrasting trim on flanking windows and the transom. A doorplate and doorknocker are nice additions, especially if your home doesn't have a doorbell. 
  1. General Maintenance. If you are considering painting your home, waiting until just before listing it for sale would be a good idea. Shutters that need securing or a garage door that has weathered or shows signs of damage all need to be addressed. Even if your home doesn't require a new painting, a fresh coat of paint on the shutters could be just what it needs to give it the "WOW.”
  1. Art and Accessories. If your home has a front porch, make sure it has a bit of art staged in just the right places ... not too much, but just enough to make things look interesting and welcoming. Accessorize with a theme, but don't take it too far. This is the Lake, and home buyers expect to see nautical themes and vacation friendly décor.
  1. Vehicles. If you have a large family with multiple drivers, attempt to have an orderly parking arrangement for everyone. Encourage all family members during the time frame you are marketing your home to adhere to a parking plan so as not to turn off any potential buyers. If a home buyer pulls up to your home and has nowhere to park, you might as well have placed a sign in the front yard saying, "No parking."
  1. Trash Enclosure and Mailbox. Make sure your trash enclosure and mailbox have a fresh coat of paint and are kept clean and free of odor. Make sure your mailbox is standing straight.
  1. Outside Animals. If your dog or other outdoor animal routinely does his business in the yard, make sure to keep it cleaned up. Left in the yard, this can be a real turn off for non-pet owners and pet owners alike.

  2. Yard Maintenance. While marketing your home, it is important to have your yard mowed consistently. Depending on weather conditions, this might mean weekly or every other week. Keep leaves and yard rubbish free from all areas.Make sure your trash and or yard waste receptacle is not overflowing, and keep your water hose rolled up and yard tools property stored out of sight. 

    Weeding flowerbeds and rocked areas every few weeks in the Ozarks is a must. Edging around sidewalks and driveways adds a nice finishing touch. Just keep in mind a well manicured yard leaves a lasting impression with any home buyer! 

I hope these tips help you when considering how to get the most Curb Appeal out of your home.  To get help in all aspects of selling your home, contact us at Ozark Realty, The Midwest Coast and we will help you market and sell your home.

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