Lake of the Ozarks is truly one of the most beautiful places in Missouri to enjoy the changing of the seasons. The massive body of water can hold temperatures left from the strong summer sun for several weeks after Fall temperatures start to drop. This causes one side of the lake to have leaves with beautiful fall colors and the leaves on the other side of the lake to have the strong, deep green colors from the summer.

 A day on the lake in October you can often find plentiful sunshine and temperatures of 80 or more with leaves of all colors lining the shoreline. This time of year can also be a great time of year to look for a property that fits your needs. Like any tourist destination, Lake of the Ozarks real estate market has its busy times and not-so-busy times. The seasons can fluctuate depending on mortgage rates, inventory, economy and weather to name a few.

One thing is for certain if you engage a realtor from Ozark Realty we will use the time of year to your advantage. Think of it like this… if you were trying to sell your condo and you had listed it in the spring and by Fall it had not sold, you would be second guessing whether you overpriced it, simply had too much competition, or some other factor that was effecting it from selling.

Ozark Realty’s experienced agents will look for properties that fit YOUR criteria while leveraging your purchase power against the seller’s weaknesses, such as days on the market. Other things to consider are that many property owners who are selling their property here are part-time owners, so the off-season (Fall/Winter) they are not actively using their property and are more willing to take a lower price and move on!

Sellers can also be considering things like… not wanting to deal with winterizations, not being there to check on their home or condo, or simply carrying costs. Whatever the seller is thinking, it is our job to understand those motivating factors and work hard to get our clients the best property for them!

Take advantage of Fall Bargains and contact Dennis Newberry, Broker Owner of Ozark Realty, the Midwest Coast today.

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