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Ozark Realty is the oldest and most respected Real Estate Brokerage at Lake of the Ozarks. As local brokerages fall behind, Ozark Realty has lowered real estate fees to match national trends. This new commission structure is for full-service marketing with the latest technology from Real Estate professionals who have been selling real estate at Lake of the Ozarks for decades! Traditionally a home sale at Lake of the Ozarks could take 120 days or more to sell. Many of the communities that make up Lake of the Ozarks, such as Four Seasons, Porto Cima, The Villages at Shawnee Bend, Osage Beach, and Lake Ozark, are vacation destinations. Vacation destinations expand and contract seasonally, making home buying and selling a bit more challenging and time-consuming versus a traditional hometown market.


There are other things to consider about homeownership at Lake of the Ozarks. Many properties are on private sewer systems that have private wells. Many of these properties include a dock for lakefronts. With Baby Boomers seeking retirement homes in destinations such as Lake of the Ozarks and many Millennials allowed to work from home, the demand in the Ozarks has increased significantly. The traditional amount of time homes have been on the market has decreased. If it takes a Realtor at Ozark Realty less time to sell a house, it costs us less money to handle the transaction. It's that simple!


Considering high demand, real estate technology has improved drastically. Ozark Realty has streamlined its real estate commissions, allowing us to pass savings on to our clients. We offer the lowest real estate commission structure at Lake of the Ozarks, which we are excited about! Our focus has always been, "what is best for our clients, is best for our business." Focusing on our clients' success and not how much commission we make assures Ozark Realty Agents repeat business and years of continued success. Remember, you are still getting full-service marketing and representation.


If you are considering selling your property at Lake of the Ozarks, contact Tanya Newberry at


“The Midwest Coast” — Lake of the Ozarks

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